12 thoughts on “Attention Dead Eye Members!

  1. Not sure what happened but I guess you got this under control. If you need assistance financially, I can do that.



      • Ok… Well….. I have an account that is paid up for two years. If you want it, I can forward it to you. It’s unlimited content. If you are interested, I will forward you the information to get in and put your content in.

        Let me know. Hope all is well with you.



  2. Well….. I have a web hosting site which is paid up for 2 years. It has unlimited content use. I can Howard you the instructions to access and take control of it. Let me know.

    Hope all is well.


      • Ah… No worries. I was just going to send you the information needed to load the website you guys created. It’s already paid for. Anyway Let me know if you find it or are interested in starting an new site. I have no problem sending you the information to access it.

  3. Seems like the squad is no longer? I hope at least they are flying from time to time. As soon as my office set up, then I can hopefully join up with you guys. And what patch are you flying? I’m confused on the “Birds of Prey” deal.

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